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E-7-4 Visa: Skilled Workers Points System

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The E-7-4 visa is given to workers in Korea who have

E-7-4 Visa

Skilled Workers - Point System Visa

Work Permission    Invite Family    National Health Insurance


Can change visa to:
F-2-99 , F-6

Common Visa Track:
E-9 >>> E-7-4 >>> F-2-99 >>> F-5
E-9 >>> E-7-4 >>> F-6 >>> F-5 >>> Naturalization
E-9 >>> E-7-4 >>> F-6 >>> Naturalization


Who can apply for the E-7-4 visa (Qualifications):

  • Directly hired skilled workers
  • If you have legally stayed in Korea for 5 years or longer under the E-9, E-10, or H2 visa you are allowed to change your visa to E-7-4

Qouta Limits


Benefits of changing to E-7-4 from E-9

  • Can work in Korea longer
  • May invite family members to Korea 


Points Calculation:


Required Documents:



How to apply:

Step 1: You must first register with the assigned institutions on your home country and pass the EPS requirements (EPS-TOPIK, Skills test, Medical Check-up, Employer Selection, and Training)



Job Restrictions

E-7-4 visa holders are only limited to working in ____ 



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