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E-9 Visa: Domestic Help (Philippine Edition)

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E-9 Visa

Domestic Help

Work Permission    Invite Family    National Health Insurance



  • Salary: 2.06 million per month (minimum wage)
  • Housing: Provided by the government
  • Educational Attainment: Not necessary
  • Trainings: Government trainings for Domestic workers



  • 24 years old or older
  • EPS-TOPIK Passer
  • Has undergone Domestic Work training from the government
  • No record of Drug addiction/Mental problems
  • No Criminal record


Required Documents:

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Valid Passport (Original and Copy of biopage)
  3. Invitation letter issued by the Korean Company (must include information like date, purpose of duration of visit, etc.
  4. Certificate of Business Registration of the Korean Company 사업자등록증명 (must be issued within 3 months)
  5. Proof of K-ETA denial
  6. Visa Fee


How to apply

  1. Contact the Department of Migrant Workers and ask for a complete list of requirements and schedule of the tests/trainings
  2. Study Korean as needed
  3. Submit requirements for the training
  4. Take the necessary training for domestic workers
  5. Submit requirements for the visa
  6. Prepare for the flight 


Processing time

To be determined


Work Restrictions




4 working days

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