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C-3-3 Visa: Medical Tourist

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This visa is for patients who wish to visit Korea for medical treatment or recuperation of a caregiver of the patient 

C-3-3 Visa

Medical Tourism Visa

Work Permission    Invite Family    National Health Insurance


General Required Documents:

Please visit your country's Korean Embassy's website for the most accurate list of requirements

  1. Visa Application form
  2. Recently Passport sized Photo
  3. Valid Passport (Original and Copy) - with at least 6 months remaining validity
  4. Birth Certificate (Original and Copy)
  5. Marrige Certificate (If applicable)
  6. Previous Records of medical treatments in Kroea
  7. Proof of Financial Capacity
    1. Bank Statement for the last 3 months
    2. Bank Certificate
    3. Photocopy of Business Permit (If applicable)
  8. Proof of Employment (If applicable)
    1. Income Tax Return
    2. Original Certificate of Employment (must include name, position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR contact number)
  9. Photocopy of Valid visas and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (Original and Copy) If applicable
  10. Visa Fee


Additional Documents

From the hospital

  • Original Invitation letter written in Korean from the Korean Hospital
    • Must include the confirmation of the appointment with the doctor in the Korean hospital
  • Hospital's Business Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the proof of registration of the Korean hospital as a certified institute for foreign patient treatments



How to apply at the embassy or consulate

  • Step 1: Find the nearest Korean Embassy or consulate in your home country
  • Step 2: Verify the required documents to apply for the visa
  • Step 3: Make an appointment with the Korean embassy or  consulate if it is needed
  • Step 4: Visit the Korean embassy or consulate on your appointed date. Do not forget to bring the documents
  • Step 5: Wait for your turn (some places would need you to take a number)
  • Step 6: Once it is your turn, go to the assigned window and submit the documents. The staff will check your documents and they may also ask you a few questions. 
  • Step 7: If your application has been accepted, you will be given a document with the date when you will claim your passport
  • Step 8: On the claiming date, visit the embassy or consulate at the designated time
  • Step 9: Wait for your turn to claim your passport
  • Step 10: Once you have claimed the passport, check if you have received the visa and if the information on the visa is correct


Alternatively, you can also go through a travel agency so they can apply for the visa for you

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