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K culture Hallyu Visa

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The visa for K-culture lovers to explore its entertainment industry and culture. This visa is for people who are interested in learning about Kpop, the K entertainment industry and content creation process.

The visa has still not been officially launched

__ Visa

K culture Hallyu

Work Permission    Invite Family    National Health Insurance


Visa Duration

Up to 2 years



Open to non-Koreans who register at government-accredited performing arts academies in Korea.Specific requirements like age, experience, and financial stability are expected to be announced later in 2024.

Applicants planning to stay longer than 90 days in South Korea for entertainment-related education



Aside from the cultural immersion experience, successful applicants may have opportunities to connect with industry professionals, receive training from renowned artists,and potentially contribute to the Korean entertainment scene.


Anticipated Required Documents:

  1. Visa Application form
  2. Valid Passport (Original and copy of biopage)
  3. Recent Passport size photo (3.4 x 4.5 cm - colored)
  4. Confirmation of Visa Issuance Number
  5. Proof of Financial Capacity


How to apply:



Visa Restrictions




This visa has yet to be launched by the Korean government 

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