Announcement on Suspension of Visas and Visa-Waiver

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□ The following measures will be implemented to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.


1. All valid short-term visas (single and multiple) that were issued on or before 5 April 2020 will be temporarily suspended※ This will not apply to long-term visas and short-term employment visas (C-4)


2. Visa-free entry and visa-waiver programs will be temporarily suspended for nationals of countries imposing entry bans on Koreans※ This will not apply to holders of diplomatic, official (service) passports, inbound flight (ship) crew members, and ABTC (APEC Business Travel Card) card holders


3. All ROK’s diplomatic missions will enhance the screening of new visa applications※ Applicants will be required to submit d0cuemnts such as a medical certificate issued within 48 hours before visa application and an agreement to quarantine.


□ Date of Enforcement : April 13, 2020


☞ Please find the attached file for details. pdf..png


source: HiKorea website  

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