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E-7-4 Visa

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<< Q2 E7-4 VISA Application >>

Date of Application: Apr. 6, 2020 (Mon)-Apr. 8, 2020 (Wed)

Results: 10 am, Apr. 17, 2020


**From Q2 E7-4 VISA application, the points are changed as below:


1. Changed Age Points:

~24: 20 points

25~27: 17 points

28~30: 14 points

31~33: 11 points

34~36: 8 points

37~39: 5 points


2. Working at Eup, Myeon regions (Additional points):

(1) Working places shall be located in local provinces national wide EXCEPT for metropolitan cities and Gyeonggi-do where the population is over 200,000. There are ONLY 13 Eup, Myeon areas where may be given additional points as Eup, Myeon areas. 

(2) Criteria for calculation of Careers: 
Add up 1 year of working experience in Eup, Myeon areas within 10 years from the application date. It means even if you are not working at Eup, Myeon areas now, you may get additional points if you worked at Eup, Myeon areas within 10 years


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