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What to wear in Korea

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You probably heard it several times before, Korea has four seasons, so you also have to wear clothes appropriately (or risk freezing or dying from a heat stroke).



1. Spring (March-May)

Outerwear: Coats, cardigans, jackets

Base: Floral dresses, long sleeve shirts


2. Summer (Jun-Aug)

Base: Shirts, Shorts, Summer Dresses

Additional: Portable mini fan


3. Autumn (Sept-Nov)

Outerwear: Trench coats, autumm coats, leather jackets, hoodies

Base: Shirt


4. Winter (Dec-Feb) 

Outerwear: Long Padding, Winter coats

Base/Inner: Heat tech, long sleeves

Additional: Gloves, winter boots (when snowing), cotton mask, bring a hot pack with you




For people who are not used to the cold


0 degrees celcius and below: it would be best to prepare a long padding plus some thermal wear. Bring along a heat pack as well

1-10 degrees celcius: Jacket plus thermal wear

10-20 degrees celcius: Light coat/jacket

20-25 degrees celcius: light layers

25 degrees above: shirt, light clothing

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