Foreigners disobeying health authority orders to face visa revocation, deportation and other strict consequences

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An increasing number of foreigners who show suspicious symptoms or tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have recently been caught breaking a self-quarantine order issued by the public health authorities, in violation of laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea including the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act. And this has naturally aggravated the public’s concern over the spread of the infectious virus coming from outside the communities.  


※ Cases have been reported of COVID-19 confirmed foreigners or those with symptoms of infection visiting shops and restaurants instead of getting home directly to obey self-quarantine rules. (Multiple media reports, Mar. 8)


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), after consulting with public health authorities, has imposed a series of strict measures against foreigners who fail to comply with health authority’s orders such as quarantine, testing, treatment with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak. The measures, effective immediately, aim to alleviate the general public’s concern about the community spread of the virus as well as to make foreigners in the nation willing to meet their obligations.


source: HiKorea website  pdf.png

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