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How to declare voluntary departure for illegal immigrants

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Illegal immigrants would not be given fines (limited to a certain period of time) if they declare for voluntary departure.


This System allows you to report On-Line (Hi Korea) at least 3 - 15 days before your departure, so you DON'T need to visit Immigration Office to submit a voluntary departure report.

Procedures are as below:

1. Report and put in your personal information (Voluntary Report, Passport Copy, Airline Ticket), expected departure date, departure airport, Airline name at least 3 days to 15 days of your real departure;

2. Visiting Airport Immigration Office at least 4 hours before your departure and get a Certificate of Voluntary Departure;

3. Then departure immediately.

(*You may also report to visit Immigration Offices as current system).

**However, forgery passport holders, non-matching identity holders, smugglers, criminal punished expats, unauthorized absconds after entering Jeju Island without a visa must visit the nearest Immigration Office as before.**


Step 1: Visit the Hikorea website


Step 2: Click on Preliminary declaration of voluntary departure


Step 3: Check consent and click apply


Step 4: Fill in your personal information and click the green button 신청하기

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